A multimedia professional with over a decade of experience.



.01 / Biography

Who is Emi?

Emi Kolawole is a multi-media professional with over a decade of experience and the founder of Dexign LLC based in Fairfax, Virginia. She is currently the Factory Whisperer at X, running the moonshot factory’s internal communications program. Emi has worked in television, web and print media. The founding editor of the Innovations section of The Washington Post, Emi was invited to serve as the editor-in-residence at The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University -- widely known as the d.school. She served as the editor-in-residence and as a senior media designer and lecturer at the d.school, working at the crossroads of media and design thinking with a focus on bias (race, gender and sexuality) and creative practice. She designed and facilitated workshops, classes and experiences -

in addition to her work running the d.school blog, 'the whiteboard,' which she launched in 2013. She was a member of the d.school's Media Experiments Project conducted in collaboration with Knight Foundation. Prior to that, Emi was a producer for PostPolitics at The Washington Post, the associate producer for "Washington Week with Gwen Ifill" and a staff writer for FactCheck.org, covering the 2008 presidential election. Emi is a graduate of The Madeira School, Wellesley College and American University. She is the founding Shaper and former Curator of the Global Shapers Palo Alto hub -- an initiative of The World Economic Forum, and she is an alumna of the French-American Foundation Young Leaders program.


.02 / Resumé

Current project

X, Factory Whisperer

past experience


.00 Founder & CEO

Dexign LLC

Dexign, LLC is a consultancy that operates between Silicon Valley and the Washington, D.C. metro area, focusing on the application of human-centered design to media, policy, personal development and leadership. We guide public- and private-sector clients along the path to transformation, helping them see what's missing.

.01 Senior Media Designer & Lecturer

Stanford University, d.school (Aug. 2013 - Aug. 2016)

I served as a lecturer at Stanford University, working as a senior media designer at The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (known commonly as ‘the d.school’). I launched and ran 'the whiteboard' in addition to my work as a member of the Media Experiments team, a collaboration between the d.school and Knight Foundation. My work focused primarily on the application of human-centered design to media. My most recent work focused on unconscious bias awareness and creative capacity building. My project portfolio for that work is called 'PARA∆IGM'. Prior to being a senior media designer, I served for two years as the d.school's editor-in-residence.

.02 Editor

The Washington Post (June 2011 - Aug. 2013)

I was the founding editor of the Innovations blog, a digital section for The Washington Post that featured news and analysis at the cross-section of society and technology. The main goal of the section was to explore "what's next." Pieces from the section were occasionally published in print. My responsibilities included writing live coverage and analysis content for print and web as well as commissioning and editing copy from outside writers, managing talent (a columnist and blogger) and coordinating features with print and video teams across the newsroom.

.03 host / co-host

"59 Seconds" & Live Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election for "The Fold"
The Washington Post (July 2012 - Aug. 2013)

My responsibilities included scripting and hosting the weekday online video news program "59 Seconds". The program was featured on the Post homepage between noon and 2pm daily. My duties also expanded to include co-hosting the Post's live coverage of the 2012 presidential election featured on the Post's evening news program, "The Fold."



Post Politics
The Washington Post (May 2010 - June 2011)

I was a member of the team responsible for producing the Post Politics site. My job included driving traffic to the politics pages through well-written headlines, story selection, linking, social media sharing and the incorporation of content from relevant sites. My tasks also included pitching new ideas for web elements to include alongside original reporting. Towards the end of my tenure, I took a leading role in transitioning the Post Politics site from its old, multi-part CMS to a new, more streamlined system. 

"Design for Worldview" delivered at TEDxDirigo in Portland, ME Nov. 2016. 




Washington Week with Gwen Ifill (WETA-TV) (May 2009-May 2010)

This position involved website development and management. In that vein, I managed the "Washington Week" website's re-design development, created and managed the show's social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. I opened new lines of communication with the show's sister production, "PBS NewsHour". The job also required that I conduct daily site updates. I also managed the transition from a tape-based to a web-based media gathering system. I created new Microsoft Access databases for both tape and web media delivery systems. I also produced weekly roll-ins and produced the program's open package as necessary. I revamped the show’s web video gathering workflow, giving the its "Webcast Extra" production greater editorial flexibility. The job also required that I coordinate scheduling for moderator and managing editor, Gwen Ifill, and coordinate intern and volunteer assignments alongside the show's producer.


National Education Association Member Benefits (Jan. - May 2009)

My job revolved around management and development of an update to the NEA Member Benefits site. I was called on to hire freelance writers able to draft stories regarding personal finance, travel and leisure. I networked with writers from across the country to contribute to the NEA-MB site in preparation for launch. I pitched and edited stories for the website using RedDot editing software and integrated specific, relevant product advertisements for corporate partners.


.07 staff writer

FactCheck.org (Feb. 2005 - Jan. 2009)

In addition to my writing and editing duties, I was the creator of "Just the Facts", proposing and launching the weekly video project. I served as scriptwriter, host, equipment manager, and video editor for the web program, which included Motion graphics integration. I acquired a $10,000 grant from the Annenberg Public Policy Center to establish the project. I coordinated its distribution via YouTube, Facebook, blip.tv and TeacherTube. I also wrote articles for the Webby Award-winning FactCheck.org homepage, Ask FactCheck website, and FactCheck Wire. I also fact-checked and maintained a database of sources for Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson's 2007 book "UnSpun: Finding Facts in a World of Disinformation".


.08 researcher

Congressional Quarterly (Jan. - Nov. 2005)

I researched defense, foreign policy, homeland security, and other domestic issues as necessary for the daily publication, weekly magazine, CQ Almanac, CQ Member Directory and materials for the CQ website. Assignments grew to include periodically writing articles for both the CQ Weekly magazine and CQ Almanac.


.09 production assistant

"NOW with Bill Moyers", Public Affairs Television (Aug. - Dec. 2004)

I served as assistant to three senior producers and co-host David Brancaccio. I also coordinated meetings and schedules for senior producers and assisted with grant proposals. My production responsibilities included organizing and printing pages for the weekly taping. I also delivered scripts to cast and crew, ran tapes and blank media for the weekly broadcast and organized screenings with editors and producers. I also monitored Sunday news programs and notified producers of breaking news stories during production.

Find comfort in your creativity and seek discomfort in everything else.
— Emi Kolawole





University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

M.B.A. (In Progress - Graduation 2021)


M.A. Producing for Film & Video (2009)

B.A. International Relations & Theatre Studies (2004)


High school diploma (2000)


Entrepreneurship 1: Laying the Foundation, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Exploring and Producing Data for Business Decision Making, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Financial Accounting: Advanced Topics, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Financial Accounting: Foundations, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Strategic Leadership & Management Specialization, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Corporate Strategy, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Business Strategy, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Applications for Everyday Leadership, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Designing the Organization: From Strategy to Organizational Structure, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Foundations of Everyday Leadership, University of Illinois, Coursera (2019)
Business Foundations Specialization, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Managing the Organization: From Organizational Design to Execution, University of Illinois, Coursera (2018)
Introduction to Operations Management, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Introduction to Financial Accounting, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Introduction to Corporate Finance, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Managing Social and Human Capital, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Introduction to Marketing, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2018)
Apple Final Cut Pro Level 1 Certified (2009)

.04 / EXtras



40 Under 40, Impact Design Hub (2016)

Speaker, TEdXDirigo - "Design for Worldview" (2016)

Co-host, TEDxStanford (2016)

Curator, Global Shapers Palo Alto Hub (2015-2016) 

Aspen Ideas Festival Spotlight Health Scholar (2015)

Young Alumna Achievement Award, The Madeira School (2015) 

Founding Shaper & 
Vice Curator, Global Shapers Palo Alto Hub (2013-2015) 

Nieman Journalism Lab Predictions 2015

The Bold Italic (Summer 2014)

Moderator, The SUM (Fall 2014) 

Young Leader, The French-American Foundation (2013-2014)

The Grio 100 (2013)

Recipient of The Washington Post Publisher's Award for extraordinary journalism (August 2012) 


World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos attendee (2012) 

World Economic Forum Global Shaper (2011)

Guest lecturer at both Georgetown University and Howard University

Recipient of WETA spot bonus for exceptional commitment and professionalism

Only student awarded a "Distinction" for American University MA Producing for Film & Video comprehensive exam (2009) 

Member, National Press Club Speaker's Committee (2008-2009) 

Vice-Chair of the National Press Club's Young Members committee (2007) 

Vivian Award Winner for service to The National Press Club (2006 & 2007)

Golden Key International Honour Society Member, American University, 2008 - Awarded for academic excellence


.05 / Personal

Life & Photos

I thrive when I am launching something completely new, and I work hard to be first around the corner to see what’s next. I enjoy Pilates and yoga early in the morning, designing and running workshops, facilitating dynamic conversations, writing, research, media production, sticky problems and unlikely collaborations. I spend my free time reading, curating and writing for my weekly newsletter and publication ‘E is for Everything’. I also enjoy gardening, sketching, learning new skills and languages and going on long walks. The topics I most enjoy are centered on design, the digital transformation, the future of work, leadership, mindfulness, personal improvement, politics, governance, design, media, health, wellness and organizational dynamics.   


.05 / Sharing Ideas

Contact & Newsletter

I’m no longer particularly active on Twitter and Facebook, but I do respond to emails received via the form below. So, I look forward to hearing from you, and will return any correspondence I receive as soon as possible. I’m also the brain behind ‘E is for Everything’ - a newsletter for people who like new, random ideas.